Character Creation

Generate Ability Scores

Use the “Epic Fantasy” (i.e. 25 point) Purchase method (see this link for details). After you have asigned the ability scores for your character, and determined the basic role of your character within the group, follow the Pathfinder guidelines for generating a character (be sure to read through information on race, class, feats, skills and spells-if appropriate-as Pathfinder has made modifications to the existing D&D 3.5 rules in each of these areas). You can find a free online version of these rules here.

It would be best if you used a Pathfinder character sheet, rather than a D&D character sheet, since the revised rules are reflected in the Pathfinder character sheet. You can find several versions of Pathfinder character sheet available for download here.

Character Traits and Biography

After you’ve got these core mechanics down, try to figure out who your character is: that is, what is his personality and temperament like, what motivates him, where has he come from and where is he going, who is his family etc. I recommend that you have your character originate either from one of the locations in the Silverwood Hills, or from somewhere within the Northern regions of Balnacree. You can find detailed information about the northern territories of Balnacree here.

Next, write a short biography for your character (1 page double-spaced is sufficient, but feel free to go longer if inspiration seizes you). Why should you do this? Well, for at least three reasons. First, it will help you get to know your character more intimately, and deepen your sense of his/her purpose. Second, assuming you make use of the relevant geographical info, it will help you learn a little about the world we will be campaigning in, and this in turn will give you a greater sense of ownership of the campaign. Third, throughout the course of the campaign I will be looking for ways to interweave the evolving campaign plot threads with elements from your characters backgrounds. Hence, in writing a character bio, you can play an indirect role in shaping the course of the overall campaign.

To both aid, and reward you in writing these bios, I will allow each of you to select 2 Character Traits for your character, both a basic trait and a campaign trait. The wiki links have detailed information describing just what character traits are, and why they are valuable, but simply put, a character trait is a feature that your character has acquired due to his unique history, that both describes something interesting about him/her, and offers some quantified advantage within the mechanics of game play (each character trait is approximately equivocate to 1/2 of a Feat). Selecting a character trait then helps you to define who your character is in a way that will impact game play. You may select any two character traits (within the guidelines listed by the Pathfinder Character Traits pdf), but I will not apply the benefits of these traits to your character until after you have posted your character bio at the Portal.

Posting Your Character

Once your character is complete, it’s time to post them at the site. As an aside, included in our house rules is an awards system called Campaign Points that rewards people for participating in helping to build our campaign site. Accordingly, you can earn up to 4 campaign points just by fleshing out your character and then uploading it to the site. To do so, go to the “Characters” tab of this site and select “Create New Character.” Fill out the information in the various fields (and be sure to press select when it asks if your character is a PC). The “Quick Description” is just a short one-sentence sketch of who your character is. In the “Description” section, write a brief physical description of your character, and place your characters vital statistics (e.g. attributes, HP, AC, Saves, Attacks). In the “Biography” section, copy and paste your bio, followed by the two character traits that you have selected. Finally, I encourage you to find a picture to use as your character image. You can use the “Upload Image” feature to upload this image. Congratulations, you’re finished! Now on to adventure.

Character Creation

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