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N large town

Corruption +2; Crime +0; Economy +3; Law +1; Lore +1; Society -1

Qualities prosperous, rumormongering citizens, strategic location

Danger +5


Government autocracy

Population 3,000 (human 95%, halfling 2%, half-orc 1%, elf 1%, half-elf 1%)


Jonark Uptal, elected mayor of Cairnroch; Colbin Vetnar, woodcutter guildmaster; Theogard Ethelward, captain of the guard; Holgast, town sage; Rantal Praast, priest.


Base Value 2,800 gp; Purchase Limit Value 13,000 gp; Spellcasting 5th

Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 2d4 Major Items 1d4

Visitor’s Guide

Cairnroch is a rugged town built in the hills and home to lumbermen, loggers, miners, smelters, and smiths. Livery brings merchants, guardsmen, and laborers to work trade with the other cities. Inns are in demand as new workers arrive with homes yet built. Taverns burst with cheer and villainy as dusk falls each work day, while weekends are quiet with rest.

The men and their families of the town are a diligent and industrious people.

What Brings You to Cainroch?

Buildings and Businesses

The Brewery

Open from dusk until dawn, The Brewery is a tavern, brothel, and gaming facility. It is a popular place with the locals, newcomers, and tourists. The owner and his crew don’t stand for any violence, sleight of hand, or anything that would disrupt the flow of business.


Typically used for meetings, weddings, and other celebrations, the Greathall is a tall, three-story wooden structure near the center of town. Inside is one grand space with a number of smaller rooms on each floor.

Woodcutter’s Guildhall

One of Cairnroch’s primary exports is lumber. Lumber is taken from the surrounding Silverwood. While many of these logs are taken right down the Tourondel River to Lake Encarthan, the woodcutters require that all logs bear the stamp of the guildhall, which of course requires a small fee. As a result the woodcutter’s guild is one of the more powerful groups in town, under the firm hand of the ever opportunistic Colbin Vetnar.

Miner’s Guildhall

The other primary export of Cairnroch is iron. While other metals are also exported, iron is the most abundant and the most profitable for the miners of Cairnroch.

Temple of Belisama

The only stone building in town is home to Cairnroch’s only temple. While the church is officially dedicated to Belisama, there are a number of other faiths practiced here, including Alaunus, Ancamna, Robor, and Damara. Father Prasst is the only priest, but most in town refer to him as the “High Priest.”

Town Watch Headquarters

Guard Captain Theogard Ethelward spends most of his time in this building or patrolling the streets of Cairnroch. While the guardsmen are mostly relaxed in their duties, they become an effective force if there is trouble in town.

Sheriff’s Office

Renet’s Steel

Braggar’s Shop

Vargidan Estate

Holgast’s Tower

Mayor Uptal’s Home

Population and Demographics

History of the Town.

Festivals and Diversions

Life in Cairnroch

Power and Politics

Law and Order

Guilds and Organizations

Heroes and Magic

Monsters and Encounters


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