Thirty Tyrants

The Goblin Caves

Cave crawl, hack and slash, explosions, and the Dwarf

Into the goblin caves.

Goblins, Warchanter runs away
Goblin Dogs
Goblins, Warchanter runs away
Goblin Dogs

Faint Explosion

Eventually come to a large it where explosions are coming from. Thantalus fireballs room with necklace. Large explosion. Kills goblins.

Go back to room, still more above pit.

Goblins, Goblin Dogs, Goblin Archers, and a Bugbear.

Win battle. (Fireball + Sleep + Daze, Hack and Slash)

Meet Gilder Ironsmith a captive dwarf crafter. Notes these caves are on the other side of the hill and this area is close to connecting with where Mithral was found. Goblins trying to blow way through to other side.

Goblins seem to be lead by a Barghast named Malfeshnekor. Malfeshnekor is holding his grandchildren captive.

Gilder also knows where the key to a ancient Dwarven Archive of smithing and smelting recipes are, along with an ancient elemental forge, used by his ancestors.

Gilder is a highly proficient smith and knows how to work mithral, which is why Malfeshnekor is holding Gilder’s family hostage. Gilder is worried about the goblins that got away and what Malfeshnekor will do if he finds out he has been set free.

In exchange for helping Gilder, he offers the key, location of archive, and 2 years of work as a dedicated crafter.



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