Thirty Tyrants

Investigating Kassen's Fate

A rumor of mithral, explosions in the mines, and a night encounter

Speak to Ilimara. Ilimara claims Kassen left alone and had to talk to someone about a major new find in the mines. Ilimara thinks the miner’s guild might be involved and they are currently denying her the ability to run the mine. She can’t find any real maps to the mines, but tels the Winsome Parade about Kassen’s routine.

Along with two of Ilimara’s house guard, the Winsome Parade travels to Kassen’s mines. Along the road, a carriage with a broken wheel is on the size of the road and the passenger and driver are replacing the wheel.

The team stops to help out, while Thantalus steels the passengers bag.

The passenger and driver head off without notice.

They arrive at mines and return the bag to the miner, in hopes they will introduce them to one of Kassen’s workers, that may know more about what happened. The plan works and they meet up later on.

However, while waiting Schmeldrik wanders off into the mines. Thantulus tries to catch up with him to get him back out. While still near the entrance, an explosion in the mind occurs. Everyone gets out ok, but the area is covered with dirt and dust.

Later they talk to Kassen’s worker to find out more. They learn that mithral has been found in the mines, but Kassen was worried about what the find would do to the town. Especially if the Dath were to find out about the mithral. They are worried that Cairnroch’s current liberties and culture would be destroyed as the Dath would come in larger force and authority to secure the claim and further feed its war machine. He also talks of another faction or power grab within the miner’s guild that might be shipping the mithral somewhere else.

They learn that there is a picked scheduled for tomorrow night and make plans to follow it.

They head back to town, but stay at a Inn halfway between the mines and town, where Kassen may have stopped by. The bartender sounds a bit tentative to reveal anything of note and clearly rejects a payoff of only 1gp. While sleeping in the inn that night, Darius is surprised to wake up to a man try to stab him. After a couple quick wounds to Darius, the masked man tries to run away. As he turns, Darius slashes him with his sword, felling him.

Outside, three more masked figures on horse shoot flaming arrows through the windows, but quickly take off once they notice they have been discovered.

The team finds the inn has no other occupants, yet no blood or bodies are present either.

The Parade makes it back to Cairnroch that morning and informs Ilimara of what they learned so far.

They discover that the person they killed in the inn was a newer member of the miners guild and just arrive in town a couple months ago. No one really knew much about him.

The team heads back up to the mines and scheduled pickup the next day. Following a cart lead by some men, they find the men handing off the cart to a group of six goblins. After following the goblins for a while, then attack and kill the goblins, though two get away. They don’t find any mithral on the cart, but did see that one of the ones that got away did grab something out of the cart before running.

Following the goblin trail, they find a cave guarded by a couple goblins further down the trail.



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