The End of the Long War

The war lasted 24 years and is now known as the Long War. While I am sure there have been longer wars somewhere in history, for us, for our people, this was the Long War. The war drained the state, the people, and the military of their will to fight. We were tired of fighting, tired of hunger, pestilence, and death. We lost the war.

The Enedathran, the Dath’s, had defeated the Balnacree, or Cree, as we say say.

The reign of the “Thirty Tyrants” had begun.

The Thirty have severely reduced the rights of the Cree. They have imposed a limit on the number of citizens allowed to vote, limiting the franchise to the wealthiest citizens. Participation in legal functions, which had previously been open to all Cree, was restricted by The Thirty to a select group of 500 people. Only 3,000 Cree were granted the right to carry weapons or receive a jury trial.

The Thirty Tyrants forced many Cree into exile and threw their leaders into jail, some of which have already been executed.

The Thirty began a purge of important leaders of the popular party during the Long War. Hundreds have been condemned to execution by drinking hemlock, while thousands more were exiled from Balnacree.

Truths Learned

The Dath were not as we were taught. Our leaders and teachers told us the Dath were savage primitives, lacking education and discipline. Whether they knew the truth or not, we were greatly misinformed.

The Dath are well disciplined and highly educated. While the martial arts are an integral part of their education, science, magic, history, and art are all part of their curriculum.

The Fall of Admiral Ardulin Labeg

The naval Battle of Aegloch took place in the 23rd year of the war near the Aegloch islands east of the island of Leonrigg. In the battle, a Cree fleet commanded by Admiral Ardulin Labeg defeated a Dath fleet under Celvaden Manath. The battle was precipitated by a Dath victory which led to the Cree fleet under Conon being blockaded at Lardbrech; to relieve Conon, the Cree assembled a scratch force composed largely of newly constructed ships manned by inexperienced crews. This inexperienced fleet was thus tactically inferior to the Dath, but its commander was able to circumvent this problem by employing new and unorthodox tactics, which allowed the Cree to secure a dramatic and unexpected victory.

The news of the victory itself was met with jubilation at Melmore, and the grateful Cree public voted to bestow land to those who had fought in the battle. Their joy was tempered, however, by the aftermath of the battle, in which a storm prevented the ships assigned to rescue the survivors of the 25 disabled or sunken Cree ships from performing their duties, and a great number of sailors drowned. A fury erupted at Melmore when the public learned of this, and after a bitter struggle in the assembly Labeg was tried and executed.

Athelmon’s Stand

The End of the Long War

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