Grimscar's White Caps

All sorts of dangers stalk the roads and frontiers of untamed lands. Aside from monsters, uncouth thugs and dangerous miscreants unfit for life among civilized folk beat their living out of travelers and settlers daring to find their own paths. Whether lone highwayman or bands of ambush-laying robbers, these pirates of the trade ways are more than unthinking beasts—they’re cunning bandits who know their prey and deadly art all too well.

Grimscar’s White Caps currently position themselves as The Toll Road Authority, periodically strong arming merchants, travelers, and teamsters running trade along the roads and rivers south of Cairnroch. The strong arming ranges from deceiving the less informed travelers into thinking there really is a toll to bullying and beating up teamsters, forcefully taking tolls.

The local militia seems uninterested or unable to deal with the gang. The gangs name, White Caps, is taken from the members wearing white caps or hoods. They frequent the taverns and inns located in Cairnroch, and probably other nearby towns. They occasionally harass and bully the locals, especially when drunk or losing a game. The skirmishes have lead to a few members needing to spend a few nights in jail, but they haven’t been caught doing anything more than an occasional misdemeanor.

It is unclear who Grimscar is and it is clear that it is a pseudonym. It is also unclear where the gang bases itself, though some suspect a hideout in a cave or old ruin somewhere in the Silverwood.

Grimscar's White Caps

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