Heydig 'Dig' Waymare

Bard, Historian, and Loremaster of Cairnroch


Size: Medium
Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 165 lb
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Gray Straight; Thick Beard
Skin: Light


Historian, Orator, and Singer. Veteran of the Long War and a former distinguished member of General Leoric Athelmon’s flag guard. His inspiration is credited with holding the line as Archduke Firoth Hathavel’s Mastodons broke through Aegon’s Wall. A feat then enabled Athelmon’s rangers to hit both flanks, inflicting major casualties on Hathavel’s elite, and driving them back across the Cumranmuir plains.

He is also one of the few survivors at Athelmon’s Stand, the last great battle of the Long War.

Through espionage and sabotage, a weakness in the Dath’s front was exposed. The Dath Navy was losing the war of attrition. In addition to Admiral Labeg’s success at the naval Battle of Aegloch, where the Dath had lost over 70 ships. Two critical covert attacks were also successful that same year. Five ships were burned and destroy at port and the nearest lumberyard was put to flame as well, severally weakening the fleet and hindering their ability to recover. A strong push on the coast, along with Admiral Labeg’s fleet covering the waters, we would be able to break through and hit them from behind.

Athelmon pushed hard. We were frequently teased with victory as the enemy forces lost ground. The men were exhausted, but the ground was nearly ours. One more push to rip them out of their holes was all it took.

Reinforcements arrived. Unfortunately, they were not ours. Labeg’s fleet never arrived. The Dath had successfully disrupted communication with Melmore and news of Labeg’s inability to assist never arrived. Our push had exposed our backs and without the fleet the Dath were able to come at us from both ends.

With the war over, and lost, Dig sought refuge in the forest and mining town, Cairnroch. He spends most of his time at The Brewery, a notable tavern and brewery, drinking, complaining, and occasionally singing. His seems to have have become the towns historian and loremaster, though these titles are most likely self imposed.

Heydig 'Dig' Waymare

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