Gilder Ironsmith

Old weathered dwarf.


Thin and frail for a dwarf. Weathered skin, pale but freckled with dark age spots. His hands and feet heavily calloused. Green eyes, grey beard. and bald head top the wobbly frame. A severe shake rattles his body as he walks.


Recently freed by the Winsome Parade. Recently a captive of the goblins, forced to make weapons and armor for them. His grandchildren are currently being held hostage by a Greater Barghest that goes by the name Malfeshnekor. The the demon has threatened to kill his grandchildren should he not submit. He also claims to know where the key to an old dwarven archive.

He is an expert crafter, skilled in armorsmithing, blacksmithing, carpentry, gemcutting, leatherworking, stonemasonry, and weaponsmithing. He is also a highly proficient dungeoneer and engineer, with a focus on mining and underground fortifications.

Gilder Ironsmith

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