Thirty Tyrants

Ilimara's Bounty

5,000 gp Reward for the Return of the Missing Kassen Oniri

Ilimara Oniri’s husband has gone missing. Her husband, Kassen, is the owner of the Kassen Mining Company, the third largest mining company in Cairnroch. According to Ilimara, Kassen left to inspect Mine K8. Gorum Iggins, Mine K8’s foremen, claims Kassen never arrived. Ilimara has asked for help from Captain Ethelward and he claims to be investigating, but she is concerned he doesn’t have the resources to conduct a proper one.

The Miner’s Guild has appointed Gregor Wisslo to oversee the operations of the Kassen Mining Company, until more information regarding Kassen’s whereabouts is known. Ilimara has voiced her displeasure at this appointment.

Ilimara Oniri posted a notice on the boards at The Brewery, and other local taverns, offering a bounty of 5,000 gold pieces to anyone that can find and return her husband to her.

Sheriff Gerofin promptly removed the notices and has reminded the people of Cairnroch that vigilantism will not be tolerated, noting it carries a 500 gold piece fine and/or up to 3 months in jail, in addition to the penalties associated with any other crimes conducted during the act. Finally, he has expressed that any individuals interested in assisting with the investigation need to speak with Captain Ethelward.

Mine K8 is a 2 hour coach ride, or a 4 hour hike, to the north east of Cairnroch.

While the trails are known to be fairly safe, cold weather, bandits, snow goblins, wolves, yeti, and the rare troll, have been cause for casualties throughout the years.



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