Thirty Tyrants

Hard Earned Pelts

3 pelts, 3 gold, and one man down.

A group of bounty hunters, locally referred to now as the Winsome Parade, have recently collected bounty for the removal of three wolves from the local woodlands. This effort further increases the safety of our community and is greatly appreciated. The watch has decided to further encourage continued success and has posted a bonus reward of 20 gold pieces for every ten wolves slain. This reward is in addition to the existing one gold piece per wolf.

The effort conducted by the Winsome Parade also reinforced the dangers these wolves bring. Once under the tutelage of Choult Oengus, the local sage, Schmeldrick was nearly killed by the vicious beasts. Caught by surprise and under the light of their campfire, Schmeldrick was blind sided and wounded. Fortunately, his companions came to his aide and killed the wolf before the wolf was able to deliver the final blow.



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