Thirty Tyrants

Excessive Tolls

Teamsters Guild Needs Help Dealing with Excessive "Tolls"

The Teamster’s Guild has been looking for help dealing with some of the local highwaymen. Grimscar’s White Caps, aka The Toll Road Authority, have self imposed themselves as a toll collector on the roads and rivers leading in and out of Cairnroch. The local militia, lead by Sheriff Gerofin, seem either uninterested or unable to deal with the situation.

The White Caps don’t collect from every caravan that passes through, but the tolls are frequent enough that it has caused the Teamster’s Guild much grief, and money, over the last few months. A few of the man have been severely beaten, when they resisted paying the toll. The White Caps have become so bold as to frequent Ciarnroch wearing white hats, harassing and bullying locals, and in some cases finding new recruits in desperate young men looking for better wages than the local work can provide.

The Teamster’s Guild doesn’t seem to be too open with what they mean by help. There hasn’t been a public notice about help, but Barkeep Silvers of The Brewery and Dig Waymare have been passing word on to hopefuls, out of respect for the Guild. They have said that those interested in helping should seek out Golfond Kir at the Teamster’s Guildhall.



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