Thirty Tyrants

Caravan Guard

A small job for the teamsters and a "Grim" encounter.

Hearing word through ‘Dig’ that the teamsters union is looking for help dealing with the local highwaymen, Grimscar’s White Caps, the Winsome Parade decides to take up a contract with the Teamster’s Guild.

For 100gp, the Winsome Parade is tasked to guard a caravan down to the town of ?Eirsloch? and back.

During preparation and loading, Schmeldrik suspects the caravan is being watched by a man on a horse. The horseman seems to move on when he caught Schmeldrik’s eye.

The first day down the road goes without issue.

Near mid-morning on the second day, the caravan is ambushed by four horsemen. It is clear that the horsemen seek to steal from the caravan without injury, but a missed shot of Thantalus startles the horsemen who then engage in a fight.

One horseman is killed ion the fight, one runs away, one surrenders, and one is knocked unconscious, but soon recovers.

When pushed the one that surrendered, claims the highwaymen are holed up in some ruins a half day to the northeast. When the other recovers, he claims they are camped in some caves near the mines to the northwest. Neither can or are willing to describe who Grimscar is, but both seem to relate that his intentions are just, from their perspective at least.

The with new horses and two captives in tow, the Winsome Parade heads towards the Ruins.

They find a trail and quickly find they are being watched by bowmen in ‘nests’ in the trees. As the trail continues they come to an outcropping of rocks, where they are met by four men on horses, four more on foot, and the archers still at their backs.

One of them, seeing to be the leader of this group, calls for them to stop. He continues to defend the efforts of the highwaymen and their efforts to collect tolls from the caravans heading in and out of Cairnroch. His defense includes an arming and funding of a new militia to help in driving the Dath out of Cree lands. He claims they are against the Dath and that the issue with the mines and Ilimara’s husband, Kassen’ are related to something the Dath is doing. They also claim that Kassen is already dead.

The Winsome Parade release the captives and head back to town.

When Thantalus and Schmeldrik attempt to claim pay for the escort, the guild clerk claims they did not finish the job but eventualyl settles on paying them 50g.



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